Death and other Details Season 1 — Dollhouse

Dollhouse Build

Designer: James Philpott, Props Master: Keej Mullen. We worked under the leadership of Kalpana Productions with the brilliant talent of Marcus Rush, Caila Anderson, Rob Warren and Sarah Thomas, and substantial contributions from the Construction and Art Department. Sunroom Relic was delighted to offer project management and technical support for this ambitious project. The Death and other Details doll house is a realistic recreation of the actual sets in miniature form. All of the furniture was 3d scanned and adjusted for viability with 3d printing. CNC technology was also utilized to machine the rooms. Moulds and countless casts were made to create the various textures of the building.


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Riverdale Season 5 — Pagan Masks

Pagan Masks – natural found materials, bark molds and resin casts

Production Designer: Dustin Farrell, Props Master: Andras Bagoly. We carefully selected natural materials to hand craft these masks. These materials were then combined with resins to make them durable and capable of withstand moving actors and the elements. We also made resin casts of tree bark to achieve very specific forms and tune the subtle features that give a unique, crude and haunting personality to each mask.


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